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The "Missing Link" for Salespeople Can Now Be Yours Through This Exclusive Marketing Experiment

"The software offered to you in this letter has been purposely kept in the hands of trained corporate "killers", but in a special deal that I've made with the author, you can now quickly and easily train yourself to share in the spoils of the super achiever!"

Dear Sales Professional,

This is neither a misprint nor a misrepresentation of any kind. It is simply a straightforward marketing experiment to prove to the author of this cutting-edge software that the "common" salesperson … you know, the one in field getting beaten up by prospects every day… is sick and tired of struggling to reach the top of the sales board… and is finally ready to receive the "missing link".

I know you're ready, because I was you!

… one of those sales-strugglers who bought every set of tapes promising to make me the super-salesperson of my dreams, and I know how frustrating it is to see none of it work!

Yes, there were times when I'd take a seminar or listen to a tape series and come out of the box smoking. But two weeks later I was back to my old habits of struggle. I knew the information I was buying was all good, but why didn't the positive effects last?

As I continued to seek whatever it was I was missing, I was referred to the VP of the Objective Management Group, the nation's leading sales force evaluation firm. His name is Dave Kurlan. My first conversation with him changed the course of my life.

Dave explained to me that the VERY TOP sales performers have one thing in common. Of course they all study the latest in "selling techniques" and "consultative selling", etc., just like I did, but they add the ingredient that brings all the information together… mental and emotional training.

Suddenly, It All Made Sense To Me!

We're all creatures of habit, meaning that no matter how hard we try to break out of old, worn out selling routines (that don't work) and get fired up about a new way of doing things, we always slip back into the old patterns… the old habits. Simply put, it's easier to just do what we we've always done. So we wind up just doing more of it, which gets us nowhere!

Acres Of Diamonds - In My Own Backyard!

You've probably run across Russell Conwell's classic book, Acres of Diamonds, where a farmer sells his farm in search of diamonds. Well, it winds up that there was a stream in back acreage the farm he sold that was filled with diamonds all along. The moral of the story: You have the answers to your dreams within your reach right now!

A light bulb went off in my head. I've been married for 20 years to one of Florida's premier Subconscious Trainers! (If you don't know what the "subconscious" is, it's the part of the brain that dictates your habits). I've seen her (in her two-location practice) help clients become champion athletes, reverse phobias, lose weight, and about a million other things over the last two decades… and it never occurred to me to have her help me with my sales!

Why Not Combine The Talents Of
Two Experts In Their Fields To Create
Sales Motivational Tools Of Epic Proportions?

I called Dave back. "How about if you supply the cutting-edge sales content, and my wife delivers the subconscious training through software that I'll develop?" He LOVED the idea. That was the birth of:

SalesMind Sales Motivation CD SalesMind Sales Motivation CD Backcover

SalesMind Sales Motivation Software

As Dave puts it, "Most salespeople need help overcoming the head and stomach (mental and emotional) problems that skills training won't solve. Many sales trainers ignore this part of development because they don't know how to help people overcome these weaknesses."

Well, now they DO have a tool… and you do too!

Here's what SalesMind Software can do for you:

  • Have the strength to ask your prospects the tough questions.
  • Become a prospecting animal that really understands the importance of prospecting.
  • Recover IMMEDIATELY from rejection. Stop wasting days, even weeks feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Rocket out of the "just enough" syndrome and raise the bar up, up, up!
  • Own the GUTS to close the sale.
  • Keep your self-esteem high through all the "no"s you hear during the selling day.
  • Stop bringing outside emotional baggage to work with you.
  • Start thinking big and get comfortable talking about the BIG money.
  • Have the conviction to talk about money early and often with your prospects.
  • Be cool, calm and collected to gain the prospect's trust.
  • Learn that "staying in the moment" is the key to understanding what your prospect needs (he or she will TELL YOU what you need to do to make the sale).
  • Turn from timid to Tiger when engaging a prospect.
  • Stop blaming the economy, the "season", or whatever for your failings.
  • Be clear that money is seldom the problem in getting the prospect to buy.
  • Never again will rejection wipe you out!

And that's just the beginning!

SalesMind Software is the only mental and emotional sales training tool available today. The best part about it is that when you get your head together, all the techniques and skills you've learned before (from all those books and tapes) just falls into place.

You see, unless you are mentally and emotionally "fit", all the book and tape training in the world won't help you! You just won't be in the right "state" to develop new sales habits.

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You Couldn't Ask For A Better Sales Motivation Instructor

Dave Kurlan - Sales Motivation ConsultantI told you earlier about Dave Kurlan, but I didn't really tell you everything. After Dave gave me the nugget of information about the importance of mental conditioning, I interviewed a bunch of so-called sales gurus. NONE OF THEM had the complete depth of understanding that Dave had about the topic. There was only one person that could author this "missing link"… Dave Kurlan.

Here are just a few high points of Dave's career:

  • Principal of the Objective Management Group, a leading sales management and consulting firm headquartered in Massachusetts.
  • 30 years experience in all facets of sales training.
  • A client list that reads like a Who's Who in American business.
  • Top rated speaker at Inc. Magazine's Conference on Growing the Company since 1991.
  • Featured speaker at the Sales & Marketing Management Conference since 1996.
  • Nationally known for his groundbreaking work in evaluating sales people, the Dave Kurlan Sales Force Profile.
  • Co-developer of sales development software that helps Sales Managers coach their salespeople and measure their growth.
  • Author of the popular book, Mindless Selling.
  • Author of several sales manuals, including Orchestrating The Sale, and The Corporate Recruiting System for Sales Candidates.
  • Author of the unique audio cassette library, Unreal Sales Calls.
  • Can be seen on Inc. Magazine's video, How to Increase Sales and Profits by 1000%.

If you're going to learn, you might as well learn from the best! This guy has screened, tested, and looked into the brains of thousands of salespeople. He knows what makes the great ones great… mental and emotional sales training!

Feeling sorry for yourself doesn't cut it with Dave (or with me any more). He knows you can do something about it … you can buy SalesMind Software and get your head straight!

Each Sales Motivation Session Is Only 8 Minutes Long!

How many sales books are sitting on your shelf half-read? How many "career changing" 6-cassette libraries have never made it past the first listening? Why is that? You KNOW why. You don't have the time to read or listen. Your day is filled with small tasks and minor emergencies. It's just darn hard to sit down for a half-hour and listen to a tape or read a book in silence!

What are your chances of getting a complete training session in less than 8 minutes? That's all it takes with SalesMind Software. Eight minutes. Now THIS you can handle!

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Here's How To Use SalesMind Software

OK, in about an hour you have a big "closing" meeting with a prospect. The problem is you really haven't talked about the money. If you're honest with yourself, you're just afraid that if you start talking big money, you'll scare your prospect away. Get ready, get set…

You're A Sales Professional - Start Training Like One!

Pop your SalesMind Software disk into your CD-drive (it starts up itself), and click on the mental training session titled "Increase Your Money Tolerance". Sit back, relax, and let your computer do the work! Eight minutes later, your training session is complete and ready to talk dollars… BIG dollars!

Here's what Merit Gest, the Vice President of Keystone Business Development in Chicago, IL had to say about just this session:

"I love the SalesMind CD. I have built it into my daily behaviors, listening to one segment each morning before I start my day. Lately, I've been listening to "Increase Your Money Tolerance" and I've noticed a distinct improvement in my confidence to ask for and GET bigger dollars…"

Merit is a distributor of Dave Kurlan's sales evaluation and training products. I'm always impressed when someone ACTUALLY USES what he or she sells! Merit is a top professional corporate sales trainer in his own right and now you too can own this closely guarded training tool.

Now, here are the exact session titles (10 training session in all!) you'll get with SalesMind Software:

  • Overcoming The Need For Approval
  • Overcoming Call Reluctance
  • Overcoming The Difficulty Recovering From Rejection
  • Becoming Goal Oriented
  • Developing A Closing Instinct
  • Overcoming Low-Self Esteem
  • Overcoming Excuse Making
  • Increasing Money Tolerance
  • Overcoming Discomfort Talking About Money
  • Learning To Control Emotions

Wow! The results that you'll get from ANY ONE of these powerful training sessions is worth 10 times the price of the software! Maybe 100 times!

Buy SalesMind Sales Motivation Software Now

How successful could you be if you approached every sales meeting with TOTAL confidence and conviction? I mean EVERY sales meeting. You see, success feeds on success. Once you get the mental ball rolling you'll be unstoppable! You'll be able to write our own ticket!

But don't take my word for it. Listen to some of the pros that are now using SalesMind Software:

"Just a note to thank you for SalesMind Software. I personally have used it and have noticed IMMEDIATE results, but the most startling results were achieved by one of my sales staff, Kathy. Within thirty days of beginning to use SalesMind, Kathy had a major breakthrough and overcame a barrier, which had previously seemed insurmountable. Her initial success was followed by another and then another in quick succession. She has now established a new level of performance more than DOUBLE her pervious level!"
- Dan Carmanico, President, Carmanico, Maguire Associate

I can't wait for another "hit" of the SalesMind CD. My success, after the FIRST WEEK of using the CD, where I focused on "money issues", included closing in one week sales that were 87% of last years total sales! The "flow of value…they give me money and I give them value: suggestions were critical to my new success."
- Bob Knowles, President, Technology Recycling

I think Dave Kurlan himself says it best, "There are plenty of books, tapes and videos on how to sell more effectively, but SalesMind Software is the missing link. It will easily help you to more effectively use what you've already learned to finally become the superstar salesperson you were meant to be!"

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I Twisted Dave's Arm To Make This Offer Irresistible!

Objective Management Group, Dave's company, presently does business exclusively through their 120 or so distributors. These distributors call on corporations to offer their sales evaluation and training services. They spend little, if any time on "retail public". Thus, SalesMind Software is training the Big Corporate Guns, but what about you? Because I was the guy that brought the original idea to Dave, he's allowing me to use my own resources to get this revolutionary training to you! I'm telling Dave that you, the salesperson out in the field, the salesperson getting punched in the solarplexis every day by prospects, is ready to take the mental and emotional training of the Top Guns! You'll get Dave Kurlan's SalesMind Software, complete with a 90-day no questions asked guarantee. Your investment is a paltry $99! (Florida residents must add 6% sales tax, which equals $5.94 more). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, if you like, you can mail us a check. And there's something else:

I'll Ship It To You By Overnight Messenger FREE!

This way, you'll can start your 8-minute mental and emotional training TOMORROW.

I am so convinced that this marketing experiment will be a fabulous success and that your PERSONAL SUCCESSES will prompt you to send us testimonials to use in future promotions, that when you invest in SalesMind Software you'll get …

A 90-Day, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

If SalesMind Software is not the "Missing Link" that pulls all your other training together and doesn't give you the confidence and determination of the Big Boys, then just send it back to us, and we'll refund your money… No Questions Asked.

Let me tell you. If you go ahead and sit in front of your computer for 8 minutes, 3 times a week, and let SalesMind's mental training sessions do their thing, your name will climb right to the top of the salesboard!

Think about this:

$99. is really a painless drop-in-the-bucket compared to the unstoppable sales confidence you'll gain when you'll start using SalesMind Software.

Buy SalesMind Sales Motivation Software Now

You Really Can't Afford NOT To Invest In This Easy To Use Software!

I'm taking all the risk. If you try our software and return it, you lose nothing. If you try our software and return it, we're out the $15 bucks for the overnight shipping. But don't worry about us.

I'm betting that you not only keep Dave's breakthrough product, but that you tell your boss about it when he or she asks, "Tell me what you've been doing to skyrocket your closing ratio?"

And if you're the boss, I'm betting you order one for every salesperson on your staff and make it MANDATORY, just like Bob Knowles, President of Technology Recycling did:

"I really appreciate that for the first time I don't have to "Work Hard" to achieve my new levels of success. SalesMind Software is now mandatory in my company."
- Bob Knowles, President, Technology Recycling

That's powerful stuff!

To put a wrap on it, here's what you get and here's how to get your hands on Dave Kurlan's SalesMind Software:

You get: Dave Kurlan's SalesMind Software, the only complete mental and emotional sales training tool on the market today, FREE Overnight Shipping so you can get started training tomorrow, and a 90-Day No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee so we take all the risk.

Buy SalesMind Sales Motivation Software Now

It's Time To Train Your Mind and Rocket Your Sales!

And remember, if you're not completely satisfied, you can recover your investment easily with my no hassle guarantee. So order now, while your mind is on it, and take advantage of our FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING.

Order by Clicking Here Or, if you prefer, you can order by phone at 1-800-397-7939 (international 1-954-427-4640).

If you would rather pay by check, simply mail your check to: Subconscious Training Corporation, Inc., 5258 NW 51st Court, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. **Florida residents, please remember to add $5.94 sales tax to the $99..**

Go ahead, try SalesMind Software at my risk for 90 days. If it doesn't have you adjusting you sales goals up…WAY, WAY UP, I want you to send it back so I can give you a complete, no-hassle refund!


Norman Hallett

P.S. If you want to discover how quickly you can drive you sales figures to new heights, you need to jump on this right now!

Dave Kurlan's SalesMind Software gives you everything you need to take control of the mental game of selling and keep you a step ahead of the competition. Click here to get started right away.

P.P.S. Remember, even a COMPUTER ILLITERATE can use our software. It runs itself! Just 2 clicks and your training! No excuses. Order now!

Once the first 1000 orders are taken, this marketing experiment will be over. You will still be able to buy SalesMind Software, but it will not include the FREE overnight shipping… sorry. So take action now and don't get shut out!

SalesMind Sales Motivation CD

You get Dave Kurlan's SalesMind, complete with a 90-day no questions asked guarantee, PLUS, if you're one of the first 1000 customers to order from this promotion, you'll get it shipped to you by overnight messenger, FREE. You get it all for a low, low investment of $99. (Florida residents must add 6%, which comes out to $5.94 more).

Price: $99.00

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